The One and Done Rule Is Ruining Basketball

Jayden Barfuss

    The one and done rule is a rule which allows college basketball players to go to the National Basketball Association as a Freshman.

    College should change the rule, to require 2 years of college before they can be drafted. This will create players that are more mature and they will actually want to play college basketball

    Instead of just wanting to get paid and go to the NBA. Playing for 2 years will force them to gain more education than just one year of school.

    It is unfair to these college coaches who recruit this talented player, and they play get a minor injury then sit out.

    For example, Coach Dana Altman and the Oregon Ducks worked super hard to get Bol Bol, a 7’2 236 lbs Center, #4 recruit in the class. Bol played 9 games, and then he sat out the rest of the year. He was hurt in January with a stress fracture, but it  doesn’t take 2 months to recover from a stress fracture. If you don’t play more than half the season, you should not be able to enter the NBA draft.

    For example, some of the best basketball players to ever live went to college more than one year. Michael Jordan went to 2 season at North Carolina; Larry Bird played 3 years at Indiana State. Magic Johnson played for the Michigan State Spartans for 2 years. Christian Laettner played more than one year at Duke.

    Thunder Ridge Freshman Ricky Henderson believes, “if it they are talented enough then why not” “but don’t commit to a major university if you do not want to play.”

    The one and done rule is making college basketball not fun anymore. You don’t have to be a Freshman to be a great player.



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