Bump Stocks Federal Ban

Kiah Pickering, Staff Writer

    People are kind of upset about the bump stock being banned. Any owner of a bump stock would have had 90 days to get rid of it or destroy it. A US Federal Judge Dabney Friedrich in Washington DC gave President Trump the green light to ban all bump stocks, ignoring many challenges to the law.

    A bump stock is a device that can be attached to a semi automatic firearm in place of a conventional gunstock, making it so the gun can fire more rapidly. This creates a firearm that behaves like an automatic weapon, and was most recently used in the Las Vegas shooting in February 2018. The ban of bump stocks went into effect on Tuesday, March 26th, but gun rights groups wanted to block it by petitioning the upper courts.

    Those against a bump stock by private use, could see that a  bump stock would be useful in the police program. No one really needs it for anything else except maybe hunting, but that’s no different than using a firearm without a bump stock. However, a hunter would be careful to not mangle any possible meat on their targeted animal.

    Morrgan Santana, Freshman at Thunder Ridge High School thinks that bump stocks are useful for certain things. “I don’t really know what a bump stock is but from what I do know, it sounds like it would be useful for only certain things”

    Maybe if someone needed a little kick to their gun to shoot at something more farther away then a bump stock would be very useful.

    No matter what your feelings about this gun modification, as of March 26, they are illegal on a federal level.