Students and Teachers Head to Europe For Spring Break 2019!

Logan Liddiard, Staff Writer

    The Thunder Ridge EF European school trip was a success. In total 42 people attended the trip from schools here in Idaho Falls. They were all students, teachers, and some parents. The school trip was 10 days, and traveled  from the United Kingdom, to France, and then to Italy.

    The student price of the trip  covered all breakfast, dinner, hotel rooms, and plane tickets for 3,600 dollars. While on the European tour, the only thing you had to worry about paying for were lunch and souvenirs.

   All kinds of sights and new experiences were brought to the EF tour group. Sights like Buckingham Palace, The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The Colosseum, and more.

  There were also opportunities to try exotic foods like true Italian pizza, gelato, French macarons, and even dishes like British fish and chips.

  The group even got to try different methods of transportation, like using the metro, or double decker buses in London There was even a train ride overnight from France to Italy.

   Andrew Higley, a former Thunder Ridge student attended the trip and had many thoughts on the Europe trip. “There was a huge culture shock due to the concentration of a lot of languages in just one city.” He says he enjoyed the trip overall and had a lot of fun.

   If you, or someone you know, are  interested in taking a EF tour, you can talk to Mrs.Kearsley, who will be going on a tour of Spain, or Mr. Welsch who will be doing a tour of Greece.