Thunder Ridge Track Team Looks To Make A Mark On First Season

Kaden Golden, Staff Writer

    On March 27th, Thunder Ridge Track went to their second meet of the season over at Thunder Stadium at Bonneville High School. The weather was nice, in the mid to low sixties with a slight breeze.

    The meet was a fairly large one with approximately six teams all competing. These teams included Bonneville, Idaho Falls, Skyline, Blackfoot, Madison, and Rigby High School. However, this meet was not a medal meet, so there were no first, second, and third place awards at the end of the track meet.

    With Thunder Ridge High School being in its first year, the track team was relatively small, with about sixty athletes altogether and only about twenty competing in the meet that Wednesday.

    The meet was a Junior Varsity meet, which is why only twenty of the sixty athletes where competing. This track meet was especially important, because it would help determine which athletes would make the trip to Hurricane, Utah the following Friday to compete in one of the larger meets of the season.

    Some of the athletes who made it to Hurricane were: Noah Whitaker for the hurdles, Stenson Moss for long distance, Tyler Shepherd for shot put, Koy Murdoch for discus, Jessi Yorgensen for shot put, Hadley Scoresby for Long Jump, and Brylee Furnaiss for discus. All in all, there were forty athletes who made the trip to Utah that Friday.

    The Track Team is scheduled for two more track meets on April 4th -5th at Bonneville High School. Over all the team has gotten of to a very good start in their first year.