California Police Identify Body of 9 Year Old Girl

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California Police Identify Body of 9 Year Old Girl

Kiah Pickering, Staff Writer

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    A duffel bag containing a body of a young girl was found in the Los Angeles area in early March. The bag was believed to have been left the evening of March 3. On March 10, California police identified the 9 year old girl as Trinity Jones.

    The Los Angeles Sheriff Department arrested two people involved in the death of Jones, whose body was dumped near a hiking trail.

    On Sunday, March 10, the community gathered around Jones’s memorial and filled it with flowers and kind, generous notes to Jones and her family.

    Hours after Jones’s identity was confirmed, her family was immediately notified. Jones’ body was found in Hacienda Heights, in California. She was unidentified when she was first found, police urged the county to help identify who she was.

    Nataya Pickering, Senior at Thunder Ridge High School, said that she thought what happened to Jones was really sad and that she dislikes the fact that there are people in our world that would do such a cruel thing to anyone, let alone a young girl.

    Pickering also said ¨ I think it’s stupid that things like this happen but it breaks my heart that it happens¨

    Although there are suspects in custody, the LA Sheriff’s Department is still withholding information about the cause of death or any motive.


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