Thunder Ridge Tennis Serves for the First Time in School History

Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

   The Thunder Ridge Tennis team fought Idaho Falls High for their very first tournament in history on March 11. Unfortunately they lost 9 games to 3.

   The Titans had 12 matches against the Tigers in total. The boy singles had a great day on the court. Kyler Hartman (TR) defeated Sam Vance (IF) (6-1) 6-0. Tegan Hartman (TR) defeated Luke Rodel (IFHS) (6-0) 6-0, and Zac Warner (TR) defeated Austin Sumsion (IFHS) (6-0) 6-3.

       The girls singles also had some great matches.  Lilly Crone (IFHS) defeated Marin Lowe (TRHS) (6-1) 6-0. Alexis Adams (IFHS) defeated Amelia Taylor (6-0) 6-2. Kate Barrett (IFHS) defeated  Abby Bullock (6-1) 6-1.

   In the mixed doubles,  Claire Andray/ Gabe E, (IFHS) defeated Maylie Arfman / Keagen Burtenshaw (TR) (6-0) 6-2. Crew Peterson/ Brooklyn Smith (IFHS) defeated  Mauri Howell/ Layton Burtenshaw (TR) (6-2) 7-5. (statistics thanks to

    The Titans fought hard, but could not beat the Idaho Falls Tigers. The Titans Tennis team is young and doesn’t have a lot of experience playing high school tennis. Even though this is their first official tournament as a team, they played really well.

   Thunder Ridge Freshman Mauri Howell was very excited and loved  first match. “The match was kind of rushed, but it was very good for a first match ever.” She enjoys being on Varsity, but she thinks it is overwhelming. “It feels sort of overwhelming, but it’s nice to play people that are better than you and see how well I can compete. The match was very good for a first match.”             

   The Titans have an upcoming tournament against Blackfoot on March 28th at home, so students should come and support.