Odyssey Dance Sweep State Qualifiers


Kiah Pickering, Staff Writer

  Thunder Ridge’s own Odyssey dance team has been a great addition to the Titan sports line up.The dance team never fails to put on a good show, whether its at a TRHS game or a big competition.

    The team captain, Piper Elkington is an amazing leader to her team and a great example to our school. The dance team wouldn’t be a team without Elkington to provide strength and friendship to the team and happiness to the people who watch.

   At the state qualifying competition on February 16, Elkington received the Spirit of Dance Scholarship. This amazing award is voted on by coaches throughout the region, and she receives a scholarship to be used at any college or university of her choice.

   At that same qualifying competition on February 16, The Odyssey team cleaned up. They competed in 4 categories, where they ranked superior in all four and qualified to compete at state with all four performance teams. The team will head to Boise to compete at the beginning of Spring Break.

   Thunder Ridge Sophomore Whitney Christensen is another one of the ladies on the Odyssey dance team. Christensen really enjoys the dance team and her crew too. “It doesn’t interfere with my school work, but when it does, I usually put school first over dance and use my time wisely.”

    Team captain, Elkington pushes the team to strive, but she never pushes them to hard to where they can’t accomplish the things they most enjoy to do. Christensen’s favorite thing about being on the dance team this year is the fact that they treat each other like one big family They all love one another. Her team is always there for her. “I really love dancing with the Odyssey crew because, everyone is so talented and unique.”


Photo Credit: Piper Elkington