What Fun We Have At TRHS… Already.


Miss Harris, Newspaper Advisor

Within the first 2 trimesters of Thunder Ridge, the school has already seen a lot of success and some kinks to work out. But it seems that no matter what is thrown at them, the Titan faculty and staff knows how to keep the successes coming.

One thing is for sure, the school started it’s first year with a bang… or should we say an alarm? During Freshman Day, a sensor in the cafeteria area set off the fire alarm. Luckily, the teachers knew what to do. The freshman, faculty, and staff all evacuated as planned. The malfunction was addressed, and the freshman had an experience unique to any freshman starting their first day of high school.

Fall sports brought many successes to the school. The first athletic trophy in Thunder Ridge History was claimed by the Boys Soccer team, taking the title of District 6 champions. They continued on by fighting hard at state, and now those schools around the state know Thunder Ridge will have a strong reputation for having some amazing soccer players. Our first student athlete to sign with a college on sports scholarship proved this point, as Fabian Sandoval signed with Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Oregon.

The first ever touchdown by Thunder Ridge was claimed by Sophomore Kaysen Isom, when they fought Bonneville on Aug. 24. The football team may have struggled this first season, but with such a young team we could not be more proud of our Titans.

Volleyball also showed great skill and fight with an ending season of 10-5. They finished second in our conference and proved that Thunder Ridge will continue to dominate in Volleyball.

Our school continued that reputation of excellence with multiple trophies going to our Thunder Ridge Marching Band. They continued in excellence in multiple competitions throughout the Fall season. Our cheerleaders and Odyssey Dance team also proved successful in their many competitions.

The Odyssey Dance team swept the state qualifiers on February 16, with 4 superiors in all 4 categories and all 4 routines heading to state. Odyssey Team Captain, Senior Piper Elkington, walked away with the Spirit of Dance Scholarship, overcoming all other dancers within District 6, Great job Piper!

But as new buildings go, there have still been a few bumps in the road. On December 5 a water line came apart in front of the gymnasium. The amazing Titan team got together, the students and faculty evacuated the building, and the water leak was stopped before too much damage was done. The PE faculty and maintenance staff quickly worked together to dry to gymnasium floor and surrounding areas. Because of the quick thinking of all Faculty, Staff, and Students, the scheduled game of Girls basketball vs Rigby even went on a scheduled.

Even with the floods and school work, Thunder Ridge basketball went on to have great seasons. The boys team ended with a 9-14 season, but within that season came an amazing win against Hillcrest (80-75) and a close victory over Bonneville (62-61). Great work boys!

The girls basketball team ended their first season with a 8-16 record, which included two close wins against Madison (46-43 and 37-36). Great work ladies!

Rounding out the Winter Sports season was our amazing Wrestling team. Thunder sent 12 wrestlers to state, including District Champion, Sophomore Kaden Ramos.

We can’t forget the amazing work all of our bands, choirs, and art departments have accomplished. Our theater program will be performing for the first time with Blithe Spirit in March. Also watch for Guys and Dolls spring musical. We must also mention the amazing work our theater teacher, Mrs. Cammack has been doing for these theater students. Mrs. Cammack was also awarded Teacher Feature from Classy 97 at the end of January.

We are so lucky to have such amazing faculty here at Thunder Ridge. It seems like there are classes for every student to enjoy. You may just need to look. I can’t wait to see what third trimester and spring sports bring for Thunder Ridge High School. I have no doubt it will be more success and awards.

Rock The Ridge!!!