The Game of Titans

Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

The Game of Titans was a community event held at Thunder Ridge High School, Saturday January 26. Thunder Ridge Senior Allie Nield organized the community basketball game as her Senior Project. Nield’s goal was to raise enough money to purchase a mascot suit for Thunder Ridge High School.   

   They played  3 basketball games. Students vs Staff, which the  staff won with a final score of 99-95. The Students then battled community members, but  the community dominated with a big win. The community members donated a lot of money to win, by paying for community points. Each dollar donated was another point for the community.

   Nield raised about $3,486 towards the first Thunder Ridge mascot. That number could go up, as they are still expecting some community donations to match the pay for points. She attributes the success of the evident to the school “is brand new, and we are starting from scratch. Mascots are a fun part of school spirit, so why not raise money for it?”

   Finally, the Staff played against the Community, and again  the Community won because of community donations.

   Each of the games were 12 minute halves.

   The staff was leading the whole game against the students, and then during the second half the students started to pay for their points.  

   The community game continued in a similar way, but there were so many donations  towards the end of the game.

   After the community games, a group from  a mini cheer clinic performed. It was great intermission for the teams.

   Nield decided to create this event after she “wanted to do a mini cheer clinic, but I wanted them to perform too. I decided why not make a same for them to perform between?”  

   The game of Titans was a big success because it raised a lot of money for the school mascot. Here’s hoping it can be an event that continues on as a tradition.