Give The Music To The Children

Kiah Pickering, Staff Writer

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    It has been shown through research that music helps kids strengthen their memory skills. Music can raise someone’s mood, get them excited, or make them calm and relaxed. Many people listen to music while working on something or doing another task, and most people would argue that background music helps them fulfill that task.

    Why would having two things to concentrate on  make you more focused? It could be because listening to music will help a person concentrate more than the other noise that is going on around you. Music blocks out the access sound, therefore you would be more focused; plus, music is soothing, relaxing, and can change your mood.

    Famous modern musician Rihanna believes. “ music is an important and crucial part to an animated film. You don’t think about it, but you can watch Tom and Jerry with no words, for hours, and the music dictates the emotion and where the story is going and how your supposed to feel. Everything is in the music” No matter what it is you are doing, the sound of music makes it more relatable and better to understand.

    However, music isn’t all good and jolly. Music has its ups and downs, for instance, some singers and rappers talk about drugs, alcohol, abuse, etc. So some parents don’t want their child listening to that kind of music.

    What these  parents might not  understand is that those singers are mostly talking about themselves,  and children can respect that. Singers talk about it in a song because that is their way of expressing themselves, and they don’t want their fans to go through the same pain they went through.

    So although music can seem like a distraction during studying or working on an assignment, think about how it affects your mood and can increase your memory.