Who Decides What Is Good Music, and What Is A Joke?

Lacy Perrenoud, Staff Writer

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    We all have our favourite artists, bands, and musicians; but are some of them even that good? Everyone, for the most part, prefers a specific genre or band they grew up with, but not all nostalgia is good nostalgia.

    One such example is Nickelback. I’m sure everyone has heard someone say something negative about them at least once in their lifetime. They’re described as rock; rock that just really isn’t very enjoyable, and is country sounding.

    But for me, as I’m sure many others, it reminds me of when I was younger. Nickelback had some good songs when I was growing up.  Frankly, I used to not mind them at all. I didn’t care for them, but I didn’t think they were horrible until family members talked about how they’re well known for being one of the worst bands out there.

    In reality, there isn’t really “best” and “worst” genres, because everyone prefers something different. I know that I think country is the worst possible genre of music to be created and ever exist, but I know there’s actually people out there that listen to it. I mean, they do have two of their own music award shows, a tv station for their music videos, and dozens of stations in this area.

    It’s okay to prefer one genre over another, even if it sucks.