Service is Key

Jaidyn Orchard, Staff Writer

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    Thunder Ridge High School’s very own Key Club was formed over the Christmas Break of 2018. The Key Club is all about serving others and was inspired by Bonneville High School’s Key Club.

    Thunder Ridge Sophomore Sadie Bailey volunteered to be Key Club President and runs an Instagram page for the club: titans_serve.

    Key Club hopes to help out at the local soup kitchen, make food baskets, babysit during parent teacher conferences, do community service for the City of Iona (such as helping out with the Easter egg hunt in April), and helping out with school activities.

    Meetings for the Key Club will be held every Monday in room 306 (Mrs. Coles’ room) during lunch for those interested in becoming a member. Being a member of the club looks great on college applications and resumes, as well as helps the environment and brings joy to everyone around.

    Key Club president Sadie Bailey believes the purpose of Key Club, “is to provide students with opportunities to serve, build character, and develop leadership.”

    When Sadie was asked if being president of Key Club was stressful, she responded by saying, “Yes, sometimes; because to keep everybody and everything organized and contact people in the community about service activities is stressful. For example, I had to speak in front of the mayor and Iona city council, which was nerve wracking.”

    Sadie said that Key Club planed to help Cloverdale Elementary with parent teacher conferences during second trimester, and help Iona with their upcoming Easter egg hunt.

    She said, “We haven’t planned out everything specifically, but we hope to help keep the school grounds clean and also reach out to other places in the community about possible projects.”