A Sweet Time at Sweethearts

Logan Liddiard, Staff Writer

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    With Valentine’s day right around the corner, Thunder Ridge High School is hosting a dance right here in school. This will be their first Sweethearts dance in Thunder Ridge history. It is scheduled for the 16th of February from 7 pm-10 pm.

    Ladies, now’s your chance to ask that special someone to have a sweet night at Sweetheart’s, because this dance is girls choice.

    Price of admission is $25 and the theme for the dance is A Night in Paris. The tickets can be purchased at the bookkeeper window before school or during lunch.

    This is that time of year that fills everyone with butterflies and happiness or sadness and loneliness, depending on how you may feel about Valentines Day. And what better way to spend it with someone special someone in your life. You could even go with close friend, or many close friends. The possibilities of who you can go with are practically endless.

     Former Thunder Ridge student Lorin Michaelson has a plan for “…movies, setting up for (her) sister’s reception, dinner or early lingh, and then the dance.” She is really looking forward to the night of the dance. “I am excited for the dance.” She is really hoping for fun times and good music.

    Students from all over are excited to attend the dance. So come on in and join the fun, music and memories at this lovey event. We hope to see you there.