Billboard Music Awards 2022

Aaliyah Murillo, Staff Writer

The Billboard Music Awards will finish off the award season for 2022. Some exciting news is that the Weekend is leading with the most nominations with 17 chances to earn an award for the second year in a row. Closely following behind is Doja Cat, who is only behind him with 14 chances to win an award.

Hosting the show will be Sean “Diddy” Combs, an American rapper and producer who is 52 years old. The awards are based on the chart period of April 10, 2021, through March 26, 2022. Winners and finalists are determined by examining their success over the yearly time period.

The main performers are Ed Sheeran, Burna Boy, Latto, Megan Thee Stallion, and Rauw Alejandro, which is very exciting for the Latino community! Surprisingly enough the 2 most controversial celebrities this year are making an appearance at the BBMA is Travis Scott, who had a concert that resulted in 10 people’s deaths, and country singer Morgan Wallen, who was recorded saying the N-word while talking to his friend. This will be their comeback after both of their incidents, so we will see how the crowd responds to them performing.

Lorena Murillo, a local Ammon resident says “ I’m excited to see who wins awards you can kinda guess who is going to win awards seeing how other award shows have been going so I’m very excited to see these people win the awards they deserve.” Ismael Murillo, another Ammon resident also says “ I’m not into the award shows to be completely honest but I’m not very excited to see Travis and Morgan since they both did pretty bad things. I don’t think it’s ok that they are performing but maybe it will be fine.” We are excited to see the outcome of the last award show of the 2022 season.