Roe Vs Wade Making Headlines Again


Abbie Nelson, Staff Writer

Early last week, Politico leaked a draft of a majority opinion of the United States Supreme Court written by Justice Samual Alito that would overturn the historic Roe vs Wade decision. 

According to the draft, the court would overturn the Roe vs Wade decision that holds the federal constitutional right to abortion. If Roe vs Wade is overturned it would mean all power of abortion would be handed over to the states.

The Supreme Court confirmed with CNN on May 3 that the draft was authentic; however, they stressed that the decision was not final.

Since the leaking of the draft, outrage has burst out from citizens around the country. After the draft was leaked, on May 2 groups gathered outside the Supreme Court building to protest and share concerns about the potential of Roe v Wade being overturned.

A poll conducted by Washington Post/ ABC News found that the majority of Americans want Roe vs Wade to be upheld. The poll found that 54% of Americans said the Supreme Court should uphold Roe, while 28% said the court should overturn it, and the other 18% had no opinion either way.

According to Idaho Falls resident Lori Nelson, “It is scary to me the idea of overturning such a significant case. I also worry given the amount of public disapproval with such action.”

If Roe vs Wade was overturned and control was left over to the states it is likely that 23 to 26 would immediately institute bans. 13 of those states have already discussed trigger laws, which would automatically allow the states to legalize abortion if the Supreme Court ends Roe vs Wade. 

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