Avian Flu Hits Tautphus Park Zoo

Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

As Idaho Falls Zoo, also known as Tautphus Park Zoo, is going to open back up for the spring, the zoo has now been hit by the Avian Flu, better known as the bird flu. The flu is not thought to be dangerous, but the oo and its staff are not taking any chances.

The zoo for preventive purposes has already been prepping and doing everything possible to keep its birds safe. This includes the zoo removing the feeder machine by the pond to deter wild birds from visiting. 

The zoo also has temporarily relocated a few birds, mainly waterfowl, into covered habitats around the zoo or off exhibit. The Penguin Interaction Program is postponed until further notice. As it is in the best interest of the zoo and the animals.

“The health and safety of all of our animals of the Idaho Falls Zoo remain our top priority,” Idaho Falls Zoo Director David Pennock said in the press release. “We are actively working on a multi-phase response plan for this HPAI outbreak. We want to be as prepared as possible as the virus inches closer to the zoo.”

The zoo is preparing to keep these birds to be as safe as they can be by taking all of these measures to stop the spread of the bird flu and to save all the birds they can.

Thunder Ridge Senior Caleb Farnes stated, “The zoo is doing a great job in trying to make the animals safe and stopping the spread of the bird flu”.

Fans of the zoo and animals can only hope that the bird flu goes away, and all the birds will be nice and healthy so Idaho Falls can still have an amazing zoo.