Lil Nas X Announces First Tour


Anastasia Carlon, Staff Writer

The rapper Lil Nas X announced his first-ever tour, called Long Live Montero.

The tour will start this September 2022, and the first location will be The Fillmore in Detroit, MI on September 6th. It will be a U.S. tour, with Lil Nas visiting Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, California, and Arizona. He will be taking a brief trip to Canada as well, performing in Toronto, Ontario. 

Lil Nas even made a joking tweet, asking for popular children’s band The Wiggles to headline his tour: “trying really hard to get the wiggles to co-headline the tour with me.” The 23-year-old rapper and internet troll tweeted. “i will keep you guys updated.”

Shortly after his tweet went live, The Wiggles happily accepted the offer. “We’re ready to wiggle with you!” read a reply tweet from the band. Anthony Field, the only current Wiggle who’s been with the group since its debut in 1991, also responded to Lil Nas X’s tweet. “The Big Red Car is packed and ready mate! Let’s Wiggle!” wrote the 58-year-old singer, known as Blue Wiggle.

Ethan Lebel gave his take, saying that “I wish he could’ve come to Idaho. But there aren’t many places to perform here so… But I want to see some of the videos from his tour once they’re available. I hope I can see him in person one day. I feel like that would be an experience, especially since I’ve seen his performances at the VMAs and Grammys.”

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