Over 10 Dead Dogs Found In Utah Home

Abby Christensen, Staff Writer

In late March, Eagle Mountain Utah Animal Control was called to the home of a 74-year-old woman who had been hospitalized by her neighbors to make sure that her animals were ok. Animal control however was not prepared for the scene they were about to walk into. The home was uninhabitable, with human and dog feces and urine littering the home. The odor that came from the house was indescribably awful. 

In the home, 16 dead dogs were found, 15 of which were placed in plastic Ziploc bags in a freezer, with the 17th found in a kennel. In addition to the deceased dogs, 14 dachshund dogs were found alive but not well in the home. The ages of these poor animals ranged from puppy to adult, and they were all taken to receive the help they needed. 

Sergeant Spencer Cannon from the Utah County Sheriff’s department was on the scene when the animals were found and said, “It’s disturbing and sad that somebody would have these dogs and either not have the ability to care for them or desire to care for them. Treating animals this way is not ok.”

There have been previous reports of the same woman refusing to allow deputies entry to her home for a welfare check on the dogs back in 2018. During that same visit, deputies took 14 of those dogs away from her custody but allowed her to keep four of the dogs. 

It is known that the police have filed for animal cruelty and the Utah County Attorney’s office is currently screening it. The woman’s name has not yet been released as the story is still developing.