Brian Pensky Leaves For Florida State


Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

As the reigning national champion Florida State women’s soccer job opened up, University of Tennessee head coach Brian Pensky just could not turn it down. Pensky was named the head coach at Florida State University.

Pensky has been the coach at UT for 10 years with an overall record of 118-58-25, and he led the Volunteers to their second consecutive SEC Eastern Championship. He also led them to their first 20 win season in program history.

Pensky explains why he chose the job, saying “Florida state’s soccer program is regarded as one of if not the best in the country and rightfully so; the opportunity to be a part of this great program with the remarkable tradition is an honor.” 

Pensky will replace an all-time great Mark Krikorian at Florida State, who really is responsible for the great success Florida State women’s soccer has enjoyed as they are the reigning National Champions and have been National Championship contenders for many years now. Pensky is going to have to continue what he was starting at Tennessee, as Tennessee was on the rise. So the expectations for Pensky and Florida State is very high.

Where does this leave Tennessee? Well, the vols had a quick meeting with all the players and asked them who they wanted. Because of overwhelming support Tennessee named Goalkeeping coach and Defensive Specialist Joe Kirt as head coach. 

As no one can blame Pensky for leaving for a better job, in the end, all sides came out better as Pensky got the job he wanted. Florida State got a great coach and Tennessee got a coach that the players love and will work really hard. All that’s left is to see how it works next season.  

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