Thunder Ridge Baseball verses Bonneville

Emily Jones, Staff Writer

Thunder Ridge varsity baseball played the Bees at Bonneville on April 15th. Though they lost the game, they put up a good fight against the 4A district champions. The final score was 10 to 3, but there were many highlights during the game. 

Thunder had a hard time playing without Kolby Landon, starting varsity pitcher and Junior at Thunder Ridge. He was absent due to an injury and will hopefully be returning for later games.

Cyrus Johns stepped up to the mound and pitched a great game. He did have some big hits off of him, but his defense backed him up. Other pitchers Grant Blanchard and Creighton John were on standby.

There were 3 big hits in the game, 2 doubles and a single. One run was hit in and two runs were stolen for home. 

Cyrus Johns, Junior at Thunder Ridge, gave his remarks about the game. “It was a hard loss and we struggled hitting. But next year we’ll be ready and I can’t wait,” said Johns. As the main pitcher for Thunder Ridge, Johns has done a great job with a 4.67 ERA and 28 plate appearances. 

The Bees showed up to the game and won the game with Thunder taking the hard loss. But coaches at TRHS see it as a learning experience. “Each game is a learning experience. You learn more when you lose, and we can work on things in practice the next day to get better as a whole,” said Coach Sundvold.