Seniors Claim Brawley Ball Trophy


Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

The Senior team, the Wu-tang clan, defeated the juniors team Apple Juice in the Brawley Ball championship. As the Thunder Ridge boys of all grades make their teams and gear up for the 2022 Brawley ball tournament.

As the teams went through the bracket, 3 teams had everyone taking notice of them: 1 Junior and 2 Senior teams. So when the 3 of them advanced to the semi-finals, it was not surprising the 2 Senior teams had to face each other in order to advance to the championship and face the undefeated Juniors.

The Wu-tang clan defeated the other senior team to set up the championship; a championship game where the Wu-tang clan had to win 4 sets to beat the juniors.

Through heart and determination, the Wu-tang clan did not lose a set, and won the championship, claiming the Brawley ball trophy.

The Wu-tang clan consisted of 3 coaches and 6 players: Coaches Trysta Hoffman, Kendel Hone, and Brylee Furniss with a team consisting of Isaac Egbert, Kobe Hill, Max Leavitt, Garrett Roedle, Bryson Stratton, and Carter Zirker.

Egbert stated, “um we were really excited. like I really could not think of anything else. I was jumping up and down with all the guys on the team.”This really meant a lot to the players of the team, and they all shared the excitement. 

The mindset of the Wu-tang clan was to come out strong in the first set of the championship. Egbert continued saying “We really needed to win the first game; we just wanted to come out strong and get the momentum”. 

The Wu-tang clan had to overcome adversity early on in the tournament, but they overcame everything and came back and won the championship!  


Photo Credit: Thunder Ridge Social Media