Is the Transfer Portal Ruining College Football?

Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

College football is an amazing sport to play/watch, but now players are moving from teams so much that they are kinda taking the run out of the game. The transfer portal is making it easy for players to quit their teams. The transfer portal is a system where a college player can transfer from a school without having to sit out a year and can transfer wherever they want.

As stats do not lie, in the last 3 months there are 1,300 D1 players that are in the transfer portal an average of 10 per team. And that is a disgusting number when you have that many kids transferring. Why do coaches hand out scholarships they are just going to transfer?

Former Rutgers football player Ryan Cassidy thinks it is scary and unfortunate: “it’s scary and unfortunate some kids are going into the portal and it’s prosperous and then there’s the other 40% some experts have proposed closing the portal for certain periods, similar to professional leagues.” 

Ryan Cassidy is trying to propose that the transfer portal should have periods so kids cannot quit midseason and will benefit teams who will not have to lose star players midseason.

University of Mississippi head coach Lane Kiffin thinks that college football is basically free agency Kiffin states “they’re going to have to do something. We basically have year-round free agency in football which is obviously a major issue, which is why they do not do it in pro sports.” 

Senior college football fan Caden Durtschi agrees with the principle but thinks it can be overused “Sure I agree with it in principle. I feel like athletes should have the choice to receive an education on their terms but it’s also overused.” 

The transfer portal is controversial and needs to be changed but will it?