Harry Styles Announces Third Album


Abby Christensen, Staff Writer

On March 23, Harry Styles announced on social media that his highly anticipated new album is set to be released on May 20th.

The new album titled Harry’s House is welcomed by fans who have been not so patiently waiting for a new album since his last album Fine Line was released on December 13th of 2019. This album will the third solo album for Styles after leaving One Direction.

Along with the announcement of the new album, Styles released his single from the album titled As it Was on April 1st to great success.

When asked how she felt about the announcement of Styles’ new album and also about the new song, Senior at Thunder Ridge High School Hannah Jackson said, “I was shocked, excited, and happy when I found out about the new album. I mean it’s a whole new era. When I listened to his new song I screamed in excitement many times and overall I enjoyed it very much… I hope his new album has songs that are like As It Was because I really liked it.”

Jackson, along with countless other Styles fans, feels the exact same way, and the new album will be more than welcomed by his adoring fans. 

Photo Credit: Capital FM