Russians Could Stop Russia, Given Time

Brendan Winkel, Staff Writer

The citizens of a country are typically on the side of that country when they go to war. I mean, during the American Revolution, the British were for the British and the Americans were for the Americans. However, as of the Ukraine verses Russia war going on, it seems as if not much of Russia is backing up their country.

Sure, there are tons of people that are in support of the war due to Russian propaganda and control, and some people are in support of the war because they’re un poco loco, but you’d expect that Putin would only go to war if the people were mostly in support. Why would someone go fight a bunch of countries if their own people weren’t willing to help?

Not too long ago, a Russian journalist by the name of Marina Ovsyannikova interrupted a live broadcast with her poster that read: “Stop the war. Don’t believe propaganda. They’re lying to you” in a mix of English and Russian. Very shortly after she was put in court and in jail, but she was being released two days later to make Russia look like they were forgiving, empathetic, and that they were the good guys to their citizens.

Russia explained their actions by saying that Marina interrupted a live news meeting unplanned, which is a… questionable reason.

According to Marina: “Only we have the power to stop all this craziness.” Who she was of course talking to her fellow Russians. The Roman Empire was stopped mostly from issues on the inside, and look how powerful they got.

But could the people living in Russia be the turning point for this war? Time will tell.