Pete Davidson vs Kanye West

Aaliyah Murillo, Staff Writer

I am sure everyone has heard about Pete Davidson and Kanye West, and the fights that they’ve been having.

Kanye West seems to be the one who’s doing most of the fighting, as Pete Davidson doesn’t really care. He is just focused on his relationship with Kanye‘s ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

If anyone keeps up with this whole situation, Kanye and Kim were getting a divorce and everything was fine. They both agreed that it was for the best, and they went on with their separate lives. Kanye started dating, and Kim started dating.

There was no problem, until Kim started dating Pete Davidson, or in Kanye‘s words “skeet”.

In January 2022 Kanye began to publicly attack Kim and Pete in every way that he could, whether it is his song lyrics or social media posts. He then not only started attacking the relationship but attacking him as a parent and all-around accused her of keeping Kanye from their kids and threatening to be up Pete Davidson.

Things just got worse and worse from thereon. In February Kanye released a music video that became very controversial because it showed him kidnapping and decapitating Pete Davidson and then burying him alive.

After months of Kanye speaking badly, Pete Davidson and Kim Davidson decided to speak up and defend not only both of themselves. Davidson said that he stopped SNL,  the show that he is on, from mocking the rapper for months now, and he also refrains from making jokes about him during his stand-up routines. He also brought up how Kanye says that Kim is a bad mother. Davidson stated that she is the best woman and mother that he’s ever met and that Kanye should be grateful to even have her. 

Kanye repeatedly asked Davidson to meet him at his Sunday service, but Pete refused as he could tell that Kanye wanted this to be all about a publicity stunt, and he didn’t want that. Davidson said that he wished that Kanye would just man up for once in his life. He also offered to help Kanye with his mental health.

If anyone has kept up with Kanye West over the years, it is very clear that he does have some mental issues that need to be resolved.

Kim has not kept him from her children; she gives him all the time that he wants with them. It seems Kanye is the only one that has a problem in all of this, because Kim and Pete are just happy and living their lives. 

Ismael Murillo comments “I think this guy is just doing this for attention; he just wants money from all of this, which is what he is getting after that video he made. People are sharing, and sharing it everywhere. He is accomplishing his goal, whatever that may be.”

Gabriel Murillo also commented on the matter by saying “ I think Kanye is kinda scary; if I were Pete I’d get a restraining order or something on this guy. Although he hasn’t gotten physical with him, he clearly wants something bad to happen to him. Hopefully, Kanye will calm down now that Pete offered to help and is just trying to be a good guy”.

I think this entire thing is really weird and funny, but obviously, there are some serious issues with Kanye that need to be addressed. He should get the help he needs, so he can be at peace.