Euphoria Characters: Ranked Best to Worst

Madilynn Cook, Staff Writer

#1: Obviously Rue. Though she has created her own problems and chaos, I have been rooting for Rue since the first episode. From losing her dad at a young age, to relapsing and overcoming her addiction.

#2: Ashtray. He never had a real family, but Fezco raised him and they will forever be loyal to each other.

#3: Fez. Learning about his backstory and seeing the way he grew up made me sympathize with him and understand his lifestyle.

#4: Lexi. She is the ultimate underdog and she and Fexco are the cutest.

#5: Elliot. His song in the last episode, though most people thought it was unnecessary, was very empathetic and heartfelt towards Rue.

#6: Ali. He isn’t in many episodes but he tries his best to help Rue even though she is not the nicest person towards him.

#7: Maddy. She handled Cassie and Nate very well considering what Nate did to her. She is strong for coming out of the relationship she and Nate had.

#8: Cal Jacobs. He tried his best to be a better person and be who he has been trying to be. He knows he hurt people and his actions have consequences.

#9: Cassie. She is a mess, and what she did to Maddy was not okay. But Maddy gave her what she deserved.

#10: Jules, who is at the very bottom of the list. She manipulated Rue to be in a relationship with her, and she is really annoying. She unloaded all of her trauma to Rue when she was already dealing with so much. Jules didn’t even try to help Rue with her addiction and is self-obsessed.