Putin’s Plan

Brendan Winkel, Staff Writer

I’m sure everyone reading this has heard of the Russian-Ukrainian war that is currently going on, even if only vaguely. Say if you haven’t, here is pretty much the current scenario: Russia has decided to invade Ukraine, and America and Europe are admittedly doing less than they can to help  Ukraine, and Russia is starting to take it over.

You can have your own opinion on the war, you can side with either side; it doesn’t matter. There are still lots of innocent people dying and tons of damage being done to the country. Vladimir Putin, the man behind the attacks, better have a good reason for this invasion.

Yet, even after quite a bit of digging, there doesn’t appear to be a reasonable explanation, at least reasonable by moral standards. Putin has said that he wants to reunite the USSR and make Russia the great country that it used to be. There are pretty likely theories that Putin started the war because he was starting to lose popularity within Russia so that his citizens could focus on something else.

Russia has told Russians to not spill the beans about why they’re fighting or they will be killed, so it is hard to get information from them. However, before that mandate was put inside Russia, there was a Russian woman named Oksana who had told people her view on the war, and it is quite surprising.

According to Oksana, Russia is trying to save the trapped Russians from the evil Ukraine. Now, this might be believable if it wasn’t coming from Putin, but it’s coming from Putin. It’s nearly impossible to trust a megalomaniac who is fine murdering people. But yet, Oksana and presumably a lot of other Russians completely buy into it and are in full support of the war and the murder of the Ukrainians.

Ukraine has suffered a lot of casualties in just the first weeks of the war, and will likely suffer many more to come, all for the fear of losing power and trying to reunite a failed dream.