High School Changes Us


Abbie Nelson, Staff Writer

As the end of the class of 2022’s time in high school ends. It’s got many seniors thinking how much high school has changed us.

Some people may say that high school is just a phase in your life but it does permanently change you in a few ways.

The first way is high school changes your level of responsibility. For some, the course of four years takes them from being the worst procrastinator to the done days before the deadline student. It is only natural as students get closer to adulthood, they should become more responsible. 

Secondly, high school changes a student socially. For many shy students, high school brings them out of their shells, so to speak. Thunder Ridge High School Senior, Bryn Kirkendoll says “compared to freshman me, I am a social butterfly. Talking to students I don’t know is no longer terrifying.”

Next high school changes one’s personality. High school provides many a safe place to try new things and discover who they want to be. For some that might mean finding a class that changes what they want to do with their lives. One Thunder Ridge Senior, who wishes to remain anonymous, says “my health class totally altered what I wanted to do with my life. I never once thought before now that I would want a career in healthcare but now I know I do!”

If you don’t believe high school changes students, look around. The crazy freshman from four years ago is now some of the calmest and most responsible students now. The opposite is true as well.

While high school may seem like a meaningless period of time for many. It definitely changes every student.


Photo Credit: piqsels.com