Homeless Protest in Idaho Capital

Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

People at the capital of Idaho set up tents to raise awareness for local housing needs. The Boise police have on multiple occasions taken items that they deemed illegal to be on the grounds. 

The protesters are thinking about pursuing legal action according to Idahostatesman.com, the protesters say their decision to pursue legal action was because of the action of the Idaho State Police. 

The Idaho State Police have confiscated tarps, large propane heaters, tables, mattresses, sleeping bags, blankets, and clothing. One officer even threatened to tear down the tents around the capitol building. Martin C Henderickson, statewide attorney of Idaho Legal Aid Services, sent a letter to Governor Little.

The letter was asking to protect their rights to express concerns to Idaho officials and legislators. The law states that you can protest even overnight on the state-owned capital mall, which includes both buildings.

However, they cannot camp or bring items that indicate camping. Idaho Legal Aid believes that the Idaho State Police have violated both the protester’s first amendment right to engage in protests activities and their 8th amendment right to sleep on public property.

The protesters were peacefully protesting and the Idaho State Police interrupted the protest; however, by law, they could not be there. These are always hard situations to decide who is right because there are always two sides to every story. 

The two sides are the protesters who are saying they did not do anything wrong and the police are trying to do their jobs.