Is The Transfer Portal Good For College Football?

Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

As many college football fans know, the Transfer portal allows every college athlete the ability to switch colleges without having to sit out the next year like in years past. Many people love the new transfer portal, but many others hate the new transfer portal. It is definitely a controversial topic. 

What even is the transfer portal? Well according to it was created as a compliance tool to systematically manage the transfer process from start to finish, add more transparency to the process among schools, and empower student-athletes to make known their desire to consider other programs.

As a coach, they are in constant fear of kids transferring and leaving their program when after time spent recruiting them. More than 1,300 college athletes are in the transfer portal, and it makes recruiting harder when they do not know who is in which program. 

However, there is a bright side to this as student-athletes have a better ability to do what they want, and if a family emergency or something happens, they can transfer to a school closer to home.

Thunder Ridge Senior and football fan Caleb Farnes think the transfer portal is crazy because now even the best teams in the nation have players leaving Caleb states “It’s crazy that out of all teams, Alabama and Georgia had players leaving.  I think that is crazy”. 

The transfer portal is something that fans, coaches, and everyone who follows college football will be talking about for years to come.