Christmas Is Around the Corner!


Rose Suxo, Staff Writer

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, as stated by Andy Williams and Michael Buble (who did a cover of the famous song). The feeling of peace and joy; it is never-ending happiness swirling around in the air. Bundling up in blankets with a nice mug of hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies to dream of that perfect Hallmark romance. Christmas is just around the corner ladies and gents!

I know some parents probably do not enjoy Christmas as much as the young folks do, because they get the stress of finding perfect gifts for their children. Lila Suxo, Thunder Ridge parent, said, “the stress of Christmas is just too much sometimes you know? But on Christmas morning, at the crack of dawn, seeing your kids smiling with happiness makes all of the stress worth it.” That was very heartfelt.

Talking to parents around this time is always fun because they all have different answers, but they all conclude with “it makes it worth it.” You can see just how much love these guardians have for their kids. They go out of their way to show them a form of love. It is truly amazing. 

Everybody loves the feeling of Christmas, but not everyone is there for the presents. Rayce Clement says, “for me personally, Christmas is about spending time with those that you love and care for. It’s about appreciating everybody and the things they do. I mean I appreciate the presents but I could live without them.” It is important to not be all about yourself around this time.

It is one of the most selfless holidays, let’s keep it that way. Try to find some time in these upcoming weeks to find your joy in the season.