MCC All Star Winners

MCC All Star Winners

Alchemy McMurtrey, Staff Writer

Wilbur Soot, a member of Pink Parrots, swore that if he got third place he’d curl up into a ball and perish. Lucky him, because he doesn’t have to. Pink Parrots got 6th.

MCC All Stars occurred Nov. 13, 2021. Ten teams of previous event winners entered, two teams made it to Dogebolt, and one team was declared the winner.

The first-place team was the Red Rabbits (Like many, including myself, predicted) with 24064 total coins by the end of the event and a clean sweep at Dogebolt! Yellow Yaks followed in second place with 20074 coins. It was just about the most obvious ending for an MCC ever. That is where the obviousness ended, as the rest of the teams were pretty balanced.

Third place went to Lime Llamas and were followed by Cyan, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, and Aqua Axolotls in last.

The top ten individual players were Dream with 3605 coins, Sapnap with 3382, Fruitberries with 3216, and Quig, Illumina, Punz, GeorgeNotFound, Seapeekay, BadBoyHalo, and HBomb94 all following down the line.

The games played at this event were Parkour Tag, Sky Battle, Grid Runners, Ace Race, Big Sales at Build Mart, Battle Box, Sands of Time, and TGTTOSAWAMCCPWHNWAEY (To Get To The Other Side And Whack An Mc Championship Participant Who Has Not Won An Event Yet).

There were two surprise players at this event. The first was KreekCraft, who subbed in for Wisp due to internet connectivity issues, and the other was Technoblade, who joined the Pink Parrots discord voice channel before logging onto the server to watch Dodgebolt, where he cheered for Sapnap calling him ‘Sapchad’.