Dress Codes: what’s the verdict?

Jaxon Haws and Mrs. Salyers

School uniforms or school dress codes can be bad because they can limit a person’s creativity in what they wear. Students can also get depressed by not being able to express themselves, and that can really damage a person’s creativity.

But some things can be seen as not school-appropriate, such as being very gory, vulgar, racist, or offensive to different groups. So that leads to the question: are school dress codes restricting or a benefit?

This is probably one of the most common questions asked at any school. School dress codes can cause people to lose their creativity, which can lead some students to turn to vandalism, increase depression, bullying, and could lead to being distracted in class.

That is just focusing on the negative possibilities. Let’s look at a part of the positive part of school dress codes. They can stop some people from bullying, without a chance to judge a student’s clothing choices. They can make mornings easier without having to decide what you are going to wear. It could take away some distractions while in class with less offensive styles and imagery.

Dress codes can be a controversial topic. But as long as schools listen to the concerns of parents and students, then a compromise can always be found somewhere.