Henry Ruggs III’s Mistake Leads to Death

Jayden Barfuss, Staff Writer

Former Las Vegas Raiders Wide receiver Henry Ruggs III and his girlfriend, while coming back from partying and drinking, were driving at a rapid speed and hit another car. Both of the cars went down an almost 50 feet tall hill, catching the other car on fire and killing the driver and her dog. 

At about 3:39 am Henry Ruggs III gave a blood alcohol level of 0.16, almost double the legal limit. He was driving 156 miles per hour,  started to slow down, and when the airbags deployed he was going 127 miles per hour. The other driver, Tina Tintor, was a 23-year-old woman on her way home when Ruggs hit her, ending her life and the life of her dog. 

Ruggs now faces 4 felony charges: 2 reckless driving and 2 driving under the influence. Ruggs could potentially face from 2 to 50 years in prison. This one mistake cost 2 lives and a promising NFL career in a span of 20 minutes. 

Senior at Bonneville High School Sam Neal thought the crash was unfortunate. “ It’s really unfortunate. I hate to see a young man’s career go away, but hate it even more for a young lady and her dog to leave the earth; so brutal.”

Thunder Ridge Senior Caden Durtschi had a different opinion on the crash. “I think that Ruggs had no business going that fast, especially in that area of Las Vegas. We’re not talking about a freeway or highway.” Durtschi goes on to say, “I hope he gets help but that really does not excuse what happened he should go to prison.” 

Ruggs could have taken an Uber and gone home, but he did not. So now he could potentially pay the price.