Social Media Positivity

Rose Suxo, Staff Writer

Social media is and has always been a very controversial thing since it was introduced to the public. There are definitely a lot of mixed feelings about it between older and younger generations, that is for sure. After talking to 2 different age groups on how they feel about social media, it all came out relatively positive. Surprisingly. 

48-year-old Janae Suxo said that “social media is good for spreading awareness to things that are going on all over the world quickly.” That is very true. Staying updated with events that are going on all around the world is very important. It expands the perception of the average person and creates a deeper understanding of caring for everybody.

A 16-year-old Thunder Ridge sophomore, who has asked to stay anonymous, said, “social media for sure has a lot of benefits when it comes to staying in contact with family or friends that live super far away. It’s also fun because staying caught up with people’s lives and being able to share your own with others is really fun too. My favorite part about it though has got to be the memes and just funny posts in general.” Who wouldn’t agree with that? They make it sound like a blast and refreshing. The memes and funny posts always seem to make the day so much better, and they do a great job at lightening the mood. 

Maybe social media can be positive if used for the right intentions. Are you looking for the latest world events? Are you looking for a video to make you laugh? The negative effects come when we start to compare ourselves to the edited and specifically chosen content on social media. Remember, you aren’t seeing the whole story. What happened before or after that picture was taken? Maybe her dog came in, jumped on her lap, and accidentally gave her a black eye. Maybe he bent over to pick up a coin and his pants ribbed down the back. You never know.

Overall, social media has some really amazing pros. Are there things that should not be on a social media platform? Yes. That is why it is good to stay self-aware and be careful while using the internet.