When Is It Too Early For Christmas?


Abbie Nelson, Staff Writer

The Christmas holiday is widely considered to be the most wonderful time of the year. However, when it comes to celebrating its timing is everything, and before Thanksgiving is way too early.

It seems as the years go by people begin to celebrate Christmas earlier and earlier. If Christmas becomes a year-round celebration it is going to lose its magic. For example, Thunder Ridge freshman Jamie Wilcox said “When I am forced to be around Christmas celebrations before December is even here it ruins the specialness of Christmas and every other holiday before it for that matter.”

Wilcox is right, we are forced to be around Christmas pretty much from labor day on and it ruins the holly jolly spirit. Stores start putting out decorations, teachers start playing Christmas music, commercials start featuring specials for the holiday, and tv channels start playing non-stop Christmas movies. By the time December 25th actually rolls around we are bored with Christmas and ready for New Year or Valentine’s day.

This premature celebration doesn’t only ruin Christmas, it ruins Halloween and Thanksgiving too. Think about Halloween you get to dress up, eat candy, and enjoy everything spooky. Who doesn’t love that? But how are we supposed to get in the spooky spirit when Christmas is already being shoved down our throats.

Think about poor Thanksgiving. It already gets overshadowed by Black Friday, so when we choose to celebrate Christmas in November we essentially turn Thanksgiving into an oversized dinner. 

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas. It is a wonderful time of year and is many people’s favorite holiday. However, in order to fully appreciate it and the holidays before it Christmas should not be celebrated before the day after Thanksgiving.

Once Thanksgiving is over and has been appreciated, it makes sense for us to look forward to the next holiday. Waiting till then still gives you a month to go full-on Griswold Christmas but without ruining it for everyone else and maintaining its magical quality.