MCC All Stars! Predictions! The Red Rabbits are Winning!


Alchemy McMurtrey, Staff Writer

The MCC teams for the Saturday, Nov. 13 2021 event are interesting, to say the least. This is because All Stars is what’s referred to as a non-canon event, meaning that the winning team won’t have the win added to their record or receive an MCC Winners Coin. So the teams are allowed to be based more on fun than function.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with the team Red Rabbits. The team, consisting of Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and BadBoyHalo, is ridiculously overpowered. Dream and Sapnap are both considered S-tier players with George and BBH being lower-tier but working well with their S-tier teammates. Their average coin total is 10,178, which is the highest average total in this event. 429 coins over the second highest. Everyone expects them to win, or at the very least make it to dogebolt.

Another team with similarly high expectations placed upon them is the Pink Parrots: Philza, WilburSoot, TommyInnit, and Tubbo_. This team’s high expectations stem less from their actual skills and more from their massive fanbase. Not to say they aren’t skilled players, considering their average team score of 9119, but their large fanbase wants them to win a lot and that can influence predictions. A team with a definite shot at winning, though Wilbur will have to get over his third-place curse first.

The team most likely to come in second is Yellow Yaks with a team average of 9749. Smajor1995, Seapeekay, Shubble, and Quig according to a simulation run by All Things MCC come in second place over 95 percent of the time, getting beaten out by red almost every time. A scary statistic for Yellow fans but definitely something the team could overcome.

I predict the top three to be Red, Yellow, and Pink. The following seven teams will be Green, Lime, Blue, Purple, Aqua, Orange, and Cyan in last. 

I’m rooting for Yellow Yaks and Pink Parrots, what about you?