How Students at TRHS Are Getting An Early Start Studying for Finals


Emily Jones, Staff Writer

Finals can be a very stressful week and cramming the night before doesn’t always work. Some students at TRHS shared their secret to success, getting an early start to studying. By studying early, these students felt less stressed and were still able to complete their daily work by just studying a few minutes a day. When diving deeper these students shared their own personal tactics for studying. 

Thunder Ridge Junior Lennox Liljenquist said, “My favorite study hack is flashcards. It works for almost all classes; I use them for every final and they really have helped me. I also make sure to eat super good, drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep so I’m not just running on caffeine. I highly suggest using flashcards.” 

Thunder Ridge Junior Mckinley Anglin said, “My favorite study hacks are Quizlet and Kahoot. There’s pretty much anything you need on there. Plus it is super easy and doesn’t take up lots of time. Totally recommend them.”

If you’re a student at TRHS, you might just want to try out some flashcards and some Quizlet of Kahoot to help study for your finals. You should also try some good food, enough sleep, and plenty of water.

Some more tips from are to take breaks regularly when studying, reading out loud, listening to less music, and changing study locations. Finals can be super hard and stressful, but if you study hard and use some hacks to help you along the way, things can be easier and a lot less stressful. 

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