It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Staying Home

Brendan Winkel, Staff Writer

**Editors Note: This story was written prior to Halloween day.

With Halloween right around the corner, and Thanksgiving and Christmas not too far away either, the following question must be asked: What is going to happen this year with holidays?

Covid-19 practically ruined the plans of last year for probably everyone. Many people couldn’t go trick or treating last year, you couldn’t go have a family banquet with turkey and mashed potatoes, and you couldn’t have anyone over for Christmas. You could have, but it could get you arrested in some places. So, for most people, the late holidays were days of staying home with family and not being able to go out. But that was last year; will this year hopefully be different?

If you have the vaccine and follow other state regulations, you will likely be able to meet with family and friends and celebrate. However; Covid doesn’t look like it will be going away soon, with the Idaho Covid map beginning to spike upwards. If Covid reaches the red zone again, people won’t be able to trick or treat, eat turkey, open presents, or many other activities with their friends and family. These all require social activity. Or you could do it alone, but that seems worse than not doing it at all.

When asked, TRHS Freshman Andrew Daines said: “Yes. I believe we will be able to get together with family or friends.” That depends, mister Daines. Covid isn’t stopping us from going out to celebrate; we are. Not getting vaccinated (the controversial topic of choice), not wearing masks, partying without getting tested beforehand, and every death caused by Coronavirus could’ve been prevented if these precautions were taken when issued.