Swedish Pop Group ABBA Makes Album 40 Years After Original Break Up

Anastasia Carlon, Staff Writer

The band ABBA announced on September 2nd that they would be reuniting to release their new album entitled ‘Voyage.’ It’s set to release on November 5th and will feature unreleased songs. Benny Anderson, the pianist of the group, told the Guardian “This is it,” claiming that the group plans to never release music together again after this album.

Anderson also stated that he, “didn’t actually say that ‘this is it’ in 1982,” referring to the band’s disbandment at that time. “I never said myself that ABBA was never going to happen again. But I can tell you now: This is it.”

Going along with the album, the band also stated that they would be having a virtual tour of sorts. There will be a 3,000 person arena, a 10-piece live band, 800 animators – along with the creation ‘Abbatars’ of the band, since the group never enjoyed performing live or traveling.

“So we literally filmed ABBA, then Wayne McGregor took all their movements and extended those movements into younger body doubles, so you’ve got the soul of ABBA in these younger bodies, and we blend them all together, but it’s not in 3D,” the film director Baillie Walsh told the Guardian

Thunder Ridge mom Myra Costello elaborated her feelings stating, “I’ve been into the band since I was young and I remember being so sad when they broke up. I wish this album didn’t have unreleased music and instead something nearly completely new, you know?” Many fans like her are feeling the same.