Noodle the Pug Predicting Your Day


Emily Jones, Staff Writer

Noodle, a 13-year-old pug owned by Jonathan Graziano, has become a TikTok sensation all around the world. This “no bones” pug has gained 2.5 million followers on TikTok from all over for predicting how the vibe of your day will be. 

Noodle was first introduced on his owner’s Tiktok account but now has many fan accounts and pages of his own on TikTok and Instagram. He even made a special appearance on the Today show on Wednesday, October 20th as a special guest, where he gave the day’s reading, lucky Noodle was feeling up for the challenge and gave us a “bones day”. 

Millions of people have started to look to Noodle to determine their day. Noodle gives them the vibe of the day where you either have a “bones day” where you work hard and go live life or to have a “no bones” day where you can just sit back and relax, maybe even call in sick from work. Noodle even has fans from Thunder Ridge.

Mckinley Angli is a junior at Thunder Ridge and is a big fan of Noodle. Even though she’s only been a fan for around 2 weeks she looks forward to watching Noodle predict how her day will go every day. She was asked what she likes to do on “no bones” days and said that she loves to sleep and go to bed early. She takes “no bones” self-care days to the next level. 

Noodles’ account grows every day gaining more and more fans from all around the world. This cute little pug has become a beacon of hope and smiles for his fans, giving them the predictions they crave every day. You may be asking, are you having “no bones”? To find out go find Noodle on any platform and he can give you the day’s reading. 

Photo Credit: Grazianpo’s TikTok Account