How To Help A Local Shelter

How To Help A Local Shelter

Christina Harris, Staff Writer

Many shelters around the world face lots of problems, so on October 23rd, 2021, this reporter went and talked to Snake River Animal Shelter to see how we as a community can help in making a better situation for animals. 

The manager at Snake River Animal Shelter, Rick DeFilippis, stated that the biggest problem they face is an overpopulation of animals. There are so many stray animals, and with the animals that just aren’t spayed/neutered adding onto that, there’s a lot of reproduction which causes more animals to be brought into the shelters.

DeFilippis has stated the best way for us to help the shelter is to “spay and neuter your animals.” As, again, this is the biggest issue for shelters. There are other ways you can help as well, such as volunteering at the shelters. 

For volunteering, you can be any age, but you have to be 16 or older to go without an adult. Volunteers do things like clean, feed the animals, and help with giving the animals activity, such as walking and playtime.

Another big thing that helps this shelter is donations. Snake River Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization and depends on donations and fees when adopting out animals to buy supplies for the animals. 

Defilippis explained how one of the good parts of the shelter is watching people find the right animal for them, and being able to watch them connect with each other. He also said it’s nice to watch animals that are in bad conditions become healthy and go to a good home.

If you are interested in this animal shelter and would like to learn more you can go to! 

Photo Credit: Sanke River Animal Shelter Facebook page