TR Debate Team Raffle

TR Debate Team Raffle

Christina Harris, Staff Writer

Thunder Ridge High School’s Debate Club is hosting a raffle! You can buy tickets for 1$ under the stairs by the cafeteria until December 14th, with the winner being drawn later that same day!

The main prize is a PS5 and the debate team is continuing to work with local businesses to acquire more prizes to be won! These tickets are sold daily during lunch, but they can also be found at sporting events, and Mr. Brock will be available in his room before and after school for purchase as well. 

The assistant debate coach, Mrs. Hoopes, who has plenty of experience with fundraisers, was the one who had the idea to raffle off a PS5. The debate team began the planning of this at the beginning of the trimester, and when asked if there were any problems they had faced, Mr.Brock stated “Of course. Do you know how hard it is to get a Ps5?”

The coaches of the team enjoyed brainstorming ideas, but then discussed the ideas with the team and helped them create a plan. 

The money from this raffle will aide in travel and competition fees for the team. They plan to compete here, in local competitions and hope to take a bigger and more exciting trip this spring. The team hopes to host more events like this in the future and plan fun events later on. 

Our Debate Team has a big history of victories in our area, and we can’t wait to see what they do this season. Don’t forget to purchase your raffle ticket before December 14th!


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