The Best and Worsts of the 2021 Grammy’s

Aaliyah Murillo

Many of us were looking forward to watching the Grammy’s this year especially with all that’s been going on with the pandemic,the riots and so on but all that made the Grammy’s much more interesting with artists doing different takes on their music there outfits and their performances. There was all new music coming out last year, some very interesting and exciting that made you want to dance. One of the best outfits for this year’s Grammy’s was probably Harry Styles are very loved and known musician wore a fun outfit he showed up in a Gucci black leather suit and a green feather boa Harry’s outfits never fail to amaze us as he always wears very nice clothes. Taylor Swift also wore a nice dress she wore a mid length dress filled with all sorts of flowers and to make it better her mask matched perfectly. Lizzo always seems to have some show stopping outfits this year she went more simple than usual. She wore a mermaid type dress that was short and lime green.  Billie Eillish delivered an E-girl look with a matching mask. Obviously because of the pandemic these celebrities wore matching masks to go with their outfits which made them that much prettier. Last year there was a lot going on with the BLM movements of how colored people should be treated better this movement took front stage when winners and celebrities used their performance time to speak on this topic. Lil Baby started off his performance with aa black man being knelt on by a police officer then being shot in the back and then he showed burning buildings that were meant to show the killing of George Floyd that triggered multiple riots. Beyonce also received an award for her track “Black Parade ” which references black history, pride, activism, and culture all this just showed us that BLM wasn’t just a trend but something people will continue fighting for . Many cool events also took place on this Grammy’s for example Megan Thee Stallion wins best new artist H.E.R wins song of the year Beyonce broke a Grammy record. Gabriel Murillo a former Thunder Ridge student said “ I really enjoyed this year’s Grammy’s. They were very entertaining and it’s nice to see people get the recognition they deserve.” Lorena Murillo,  an Ammon resident says, ”It’s nice to see people talking about things that are going on and that matter. I’m glad these celebrities are using their voices to spread  light on the current events.” This year’s Grammy’s were truly something else that left us very excited to see what they have in store for next year.