Haunting of Pocatello High School


Shantell Izucar, Staff Writer

   Halloween is exciting to celebrate, but it gets a little spooky when there’s a real haunting happening near you. At times we think haunted places or objects are really not haunted. We might think that people just make it up for a great scare or just for a fun scary story to tell.

About a year ago there were reports and interviews about strange things happening in Pocatello High School. It all started with doors opening and closing by themselves, lights would flicker on and off all the time when the halls would be empty and students would be in class.

However, this is not a new idea. In 2019 the famed paranormal investigators of Ghost Hunters filmed their investigation of the building full of stories.

More recently, teachers teaching at the high school said that the school would be cold whenever you enter the school and feel like someone would be watching you whenever you were alone in the school.

Michelle Herrera said “ I used to go to that high school until I started to hear laughing in the bathrooms when I was the only person in there. I got so scared that I ran out without washing my hands that experience made me transfer schools”.

The faculty of the school decided to keep the cameras on overnight to see if what the students were saying was true or not. The next morning they watched all the footage taken on the camera overnight and saw that it was true. They saw the lights turning on by themselves and saw a shadow figure walking by the camera.

Thomas Garcia said “I’m glad we were able to prove that the high school is haunted. We’re still trying to find the history about the school but I moved before we could do some research but reports still happen.” To this day there’s still reports on ghosts being spotted through the windows in the school