Wild Winds in Idaho Falls

Shantell Izucar, Staff Writer


October 12, 2020 was the first day people in Idaho Falls were extremely cold because that was the day the strongest wind. reaching 36.9mph. The day just got colder and colder. By the evening it was starting to be colder and by night it was not fun being outside anymore.

You would think that it would only last for one whole day, but no, it’s Idaho, which means that cold weather is coming. It was windy for days afterward, leaves fall from trees, and roads were covered with leaves. It was so windy that sometimes it felt like your car is moving while driving or being at a stoplight.

Susanna Rosales said, “I don’t like driving at night anymore. I try to be home before night. The wind is strong and leaves fly everywhere and get in the way.”

The wind has been so strong that some trees are starting to move from their place, which is a problem because the tree can fall. People feel like the winds get worse at night because it’s cooler and the wind speeds faster. Amy Sandvol said “ In the night I feel like the tree next to my house will fall right on top of my house!’’

The wind this year has really been cold and fast; it might be for the weather change since we’re now moving into fall. Hopefully, the weather changes and the winds stop or calm down a little bit so this winter won’t be as cold as past years.