If Thunder Ridge Was A Movie, What Kind Would It Be?

Trysta Davis, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to star in a movie? Well then, how might your whole school starring in a movie feel to you? Kind of crazy right? It is well known that movies range from romance and action to comedy and drama, with multiple other genres in between. When students at Thunder Ridge High School were asked what movie genre their school would fit into best, here is how they responded. 

To some people, high school is the definition of drama. Olivia Berrett, a current sophomore, says, “ I think we would be in a drama movie because there is a lot of drama here. I personally have been in drama and it is not fun.” There is always the he said/she said gossip being spread. According to freshmen Brooklyn Stratton, “I constantly hear people talking about drama in the halls and in class.”

Sophomore Clarissa Sorenson had an interesting point of view on school. According to Sorenson,  “I would have to say if we were in a movie, it would be like a National Geographic movie, or a documentary, because school is sometimes long and boring, but it can also be interesting and informative.” This brings up a fun and different perspective of school because school can be long and boring sometimes, but at least we get something cool from it every once in a while right?

Last, but not least, sophomore Hailey Sandoval suggests that Thunder Ridge would fit best in a horror movie.  “You never know what’s gonna happen in your classes, just like you never know what’s gonna pop up in horror movies. “

So, what genre do you think your school would star best in?