Meeting New People Online: Is It Safe?

Olivia Cervantes, Staff Writer

Many teens have started using their online social media apps to meet people to make friends or date. There are now many online apps available for people to use to Facetime, send pictures or videos to people you don’t know. Like for instance, there are two apps called Monkey or Omegle where you can call and talk to random people you don’t even know.

Snapchat can also be one of the most dangerous apps. You can add anyone that requests you, even if you don’t know them. If you have your location setting on, people can see where you are all of the time. Thunder Ridge Freshman Hailey Sandoval says “Depending on what people are using the apps for, they can be dangerous sometimes. Especially Snapchat when you have your location on and people can see where you are at all times”. 

During and after the quarantine these apps have been really been pouring in because people have been very lonely and sad from being alone. These apps are being used by thousands to talk to people or even just to say hi.

Thunder Ridge Sophomore Trysta Davis says “I think that some of these apps are safe, because if you can see the people’s faces then you know who you are talking to. But if you don’t see their faces, and you don’t know who is behind the camera, then it is not safe.”

Something to keep in mind is that these apps are not regulated and do not screen those with accounts. There is no way to know if the person you are talking to has a criminal record or is even the age they claim to be. Use discretion, and it’s always safer to only friend those who you actually know in person.