Coronavirus: The Truth and Consequences


Gabe Murillo, Staff Writer

The Coronavirus, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), has recorded 1,008,000 deaths and more than 30 million cases. Many people have conflicting reports on the virus. Many claim it’s not as big as it seems, “The flu is worse than Coronavirus.” Or they say people are making it seem bigger than it really should be, but out of all the reports, what is the truth?

Well when it comes to numbers, they don’t lie. The cases have skyrocketed and that’s because people don’t wear masks. But what does the virus really feel like? I personally experienced this firsthand, and to me, it is the worst thing that no one should ever feel. 

Catalina Ibarra, a resident from Roberts, ID., says she was struck with the Coronavirus for two months. She has barely been able to recover from the virus. “It is very hard, I still cannot believe how bad it affected me.”

Everyone seems to have different symptoms, with some similarities. I had the basic symptoms when I was diagnosed, but sadly Ibarra got it worse. “I went from 196 pounds to 172 pounds. I cannot eat still and it is so bad I haven’t gotten out of bed. My symptoms were fatigue, I lost my sense of smell and taste. They were worse than what I imagined.”

She pleaded, “I want everyone to please take precautions, so no one goes through this. It’s too much.”

Matthew Abrajan, a resident of Idaho Falls, who has not been infected, believes “It is a serious problem. I think too many people downplay it. This is a very serious issue.” I asked him if he thinks people are doing a good job not spreading it. “Not at all. It’s very frustrating seeing no one takes this seriously. It is a big national issue that needs to be resolved and many people fail to see that.”

Even though Abrajan has not tested positive, “I still believe the symptoms are very bad. Relatives had it and it’s not a joke or a hoax. It’s very real.”

All of us want to do a lot of things with our friends and have plans, but how can we with so many people that doubt the effect? If we want to be reunited with our friends we must take all these precautions. We must leave our beliefs behind and be serious and take action. It is important so we stop hurting and spreading this virus and hurt people like Ibarra. Please wash your hands and also wear a mask so we can together fight this virus.